Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

D.H.S. in Health Science


College of Health Sciences

First Advisor

Elizabeth S. Moore, PhD

Second Advisor

Stephanie Kelly, PT, PhD

Third Advisor

Stephanie Combs-Miller, PT, PhD, NCS

Fourth Advisor

Laura Santurri, PhD, MPH, CPH


The purpose of this study was to investigate the feasibility and effects of applying the principles of shaping to part-task, pre-gait activities in persons with chronic stroke. It was hypothesized that this would be feasible and would result in positive treatment effects. Method: Eleven participants completed this prospective, repeated measures study (6 male; mean age 61.18 ±10.41years; median months post stroke18.00 IQR 10.00; 7 left hemiparesis). The intervention was administered five times a week for two consecutive weeks for 60-minute sessions; each exercise performed for ten 30-second trials. Exercises addressed common gait impairments for individuals with chronic stroke. Verbal praise and informing participants of repetitions contributed to shaping. Outcomes assessed at baseline, post and retention were Five Times Sit to Stand (5xSTS), Functional Gait Assessment (FGA), Activities Specific Balance Confidence Scale, and gait symmetry for step length, swing time, stance time and velocity measured on an electronic walkway.