Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Health Science (DHSc)


College of Health Sciences

First Advisor

Candace Beitman, EdD, OTR

Second Advisor

Beth Ann Walker, PhD, OTR

Third Advisor

Kim Warchol, BS, OTR/L

Fourth Advisor

Laura Santurri, PhD, MPH, CPH

Fifth Advisor

Stephanie Kelly, PT, PhD


The Functional Cognitive Assessment is a standardized cognitive performance assessment that is criterion referenced and administered during everyday tasks (Ebell, Ford, & Warchol, 2016). Psychometric testing is needed in order to establish content-oriented validity evidence and utility of the Functional Cognitive Assessment; thus, the purpose of the study was to establish the content-oriented validity evidence of the Functional Cognitive Assessment. Ten subject matter experts anonymously responded to a survey comparing the test items to the construct of functional cognition. Interrater agreement was 0.90 for representativeness and 0.70 for clarity. Item level content validity indices ranged from 0.70-0.90 for representativeness. The scale level content validity index was 0.81 for representativeness. Factor validity index ranged from 0.90-1.0 for each subtask. The overall factor validity index was 0.98. Item content validity indices for representativeness were assessed using a multi-rater kappa statistic, which ranged from 0.66-0.90 for each subtask, indicating that the subtasks ranged from excellent to good. Results support initial content-oriented validation of the Functional Cognitive Assessment.